We will store your goods and products and take care of:
  • temporary storage
  • reception and delivery
  • examination and inspection
  • picking and packaging
  • timely provision
  • packaging and repackaging
  • quality control
  • disposal
  • stock management
  • customs clearance for all sizes and quantities
We ship commercially and privately:
  • parcels, large parcels
  • bulky goods
  • pallets
  • express and courier delivery
  • cash on delivery
We take care of:
  • packaging of the goods
  • timely delivery
  • consignment tracking
  • returns processing
You will benefit from our individual solutions in the transport and mail order business
We will help you with:
  • searching for products and goods
  • opening shop accounts / registration with online retailers
  • communication with suppliers / retailers
  • securing of warranty claims, subsequent deliveries
  • issuing legally secure certificates of delivery for tax refund receivables
We take care of:
  • buying your desired products
  • payment processing
  • reception and safe storage in our German warehouse
  • clarifying detailed questions concerning contract arrangements, methods of delivery and payment terms
  • returns processing
  • customs declarations
  • plausibility check for commercial customers, VAT ID No.

In this way you benefit from the trade practices in the German wholesale and retail combined with the advantages of the German jurisdiction.

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